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The New Homepage for Business Aviation

As a unique mix consisting of an aviation services marketplace, free business aviation directory, and resource database – Flock is quickly becoming the go-to source of information for business aviation operations and services.

Flock is free and open for everyone. We do not hide any information behind paywalls and paid plans. This means that you can access all the information on an unlimited number of Civil Aviation Authorities, airports and suppliers worldwide, for FREE. home page screenshot with search input field
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Since the very beginning, Flock has always been free and open for operators. We do not hide any information behind pay-walls and paid plans.

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With 10.000+ airports and 4.000+ companies already on Flock, we don't stop – our team does not stop, and continuously updates Flock database.

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Our goal is to build a reliable go-to resource for business aviation professionals that will benefit the whole industry.

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Brilliant help with getting our presence known.

Hazem Saaid
Co-founder & CCO at Aviary
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I want to appreciate you and your company for such an amazing service.

Andrey Karimov
Head of Flight Dispatch at Silkway West Airlines

Flock for Operators

Creating a Free Account on Flock Grants a lot of Benefits!

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Discounted Prices from Flock Members

We are constantly working on bringing you the best value from the most promising suppliers on a global scale. Each passing week, more and more suppliers sign up to become verified Flock Members – which in turn creates more value for you!

Special discounted prices are on offer when viewing prices, requesting quotations and applying for services through Flock.

You can view the prices for the services you need from suppliers all around the world, with a simple click of a button! No need for any extensive communication, sending email inquiries or anything – simply click on “view”, and you can see the discounted prices for the services you require.

Request Quotations or Contact Directly

Found anything that caught your attention? Request quotations and receive the special discounted prices promoted by verified Flock members. View all the uploaded prices, request a quotation on the services you require and inquire about more, all with a click of a button.

As for the non-verified suppliers that do not have their special discounted prices uploaded onto Flock – you are still able to contact them directly through the Flock platform to inquire about any services or request any information you may need.

The benefits of contacting suppliers through the Flock platform is that our operations support team will immediately follow-up on your inquiry/request and make sure you receive the information that you have asked for.

Save yourself the worry about whether they have received your inquiry or request, or if you have got the right email – just contact them through Flock, and we will take care of the rest.

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Operations Support

Whenever you need us – our dedicated team will be available to make sure you get all the information you need on any given CAA, airport or supplier from around the world.

Are you missing anything that you can’t even find on the Flock platform? If you are struggling to find the information you need for your operations – worry not, just let us know, and we will get it for you.

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Reaping the benefits of being one of the early birds. Excellent business!

Sarin Nair
Operations Manager at RamJet Aviation Support
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It's very helpful in our trip planning!

Tifanny Ballesteros
Trip Agent Advisor at Phenix Jet Hong Kong

Flock is More Than Just A Marketplace

Unlike any other aviation marketplace, Flock has expanded beyond your run of the mill marketplace by adding unique features available to all operators for FREE.

Flock Country Pages – Civil Aviation Authorities

Country pages on Flock are filled with important details – including a dedicated section for Civil Aviation Authority. All the contact information, documents and additional required information can be found in the Civil Aviation Authority section in any country page – available for over 250 countries.

In addition to the information found on Civil Aviation Authority, you can also expect to find contact information for AIP offices, NOTAMs offices, Air Trans Dept, ACC and much more.

Documents including landing forms, overflight forms and other requests forms are also available for download from all country pages. Additional information that can be found includes requirements for commercial operations and private operations.

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Airport Profiles & Company Profiles

You have the luxury of browsing over 52,000 airport profiles from around the world. Wherever your destination is, you are promised to find it on Flock. Most airports have all the contact information and suppliers you need available already on Flock – however, in case you are missing any information, our operations support always have your back.

You also have the luxury of choosing from over 4,000 company profiles listed on the Flock platform already – ranging from handlers, agents, fuelers, caterers and more. All the contact information you need for any given supplier including emails, telephones and fax are already listed.

Subscribe & Always Stay Updated

If you are interested in a particular airport, you can subscribe to that airport to make sure you remain up-to-date with the latest information added, changed or removed from that specific airport profile. This includes any changes made to the contact details, the addition of new suppliers and other very important news concerning operational planning.

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